Artists Needed To Paint Chorus Boxes In Masterton

We are looking for local artists to showcase their art on Masterton CHORUS fibre boxes:

Connecting Communities Wairarapa on behalf of Masterton District Council and CHORUS are seeking submissions from local artists interested in creating artwork on a number of CHORUS fibre boxes within Masterton. Artists can submit more than one concept.

Submissions made will be chosen by a select panel of members made up from CCW, Masterton District Council and CHORUS. The chosen artist will be commissioned to complete their artwork on a selected CHORUS box sight and will be reimbursed per fibre box, paint brushes and supplies will be provided. 

The dimensions for the fibre cabinets are 400mm deep x 900mm high and 1160mm long to the peak of the curve, the top of the fibre box needs to be painted also as they are visible to the public. 

Artists can send their concept designs to or drop off to the Wairarapa Community Centre, 41 Perry st Masterton.

The brief includes the following: 

  • Chorus will pay for the materials required to complete the artwork, including the final anti-graffiti coating
  • Chorus requires the artist to wear a high visibility vest when working on the cabinet and to follow council health and safety guidelines for working in the road reserve
  • Chorus requires the area around the cabinet to be kept clean and tidy at all times
  • All paint, equipment and tools must be stored safely when working on site so as not impede any pedestrian access or cause any health and safety concerns. All materials must be removed from site and stored securely when not working on the site.
  • The final decision on the design and content remain with Chorus and the final work must reflect accurately the approved design with no offensive designs, images or words.
  • Once your artwork has been approved you will be asked to sign a contract with Connecting Communities Wairarapa which will include an agreed timeframe for completion of the work and the artists fee.
  • Artists understand and agree no paint may cover the handles, locks, sight glass or identification tags in top left corner of cabinet. Care must be taken around the top vent.
  • Chorus will prepare cabnets prior to the artists painting to ensure the long life of the mural:  - it will be lightly sanded then wiped down and a Smooth Surface Sealer applied using a roller
  • Your completed cabinet artwork will be loaded onto the Chorus website and Facebook page and may be considered for the annual Chorus cabinet art calendar.

Our fee structure is as follows:

  • A small fibre box $400 

The selected artists will be notified and asked to sign a contract which will define the start and end date, the fee, the box or boxes allocated and the terms and conditions.  Drawings should relate to the area the box is situated in.  

Unsuccessful artists will be notified at the same time.

Theis video may assist you with your design and application.  Vicky painted a cabinet in Levin.