Henley Mens Shed Come To The Party

9.30am Sunday 19 October, it is wet and cold and most people are tucking into a hearty breakfast, but at the Henley Mens Shed the blokes are cutting out ply xmas trees for the Twelve Nights of Christmas.

This is a new programme for 2014. Twelve trees made of ply that interlock, will be given to some local primary schools and pre-schools for decorating, two will be on display at the Town Square as Remembrance Trees for people to record the loss of a loved one and a few will be available for decorating each night. Maybe some creative people will Yarn Bomb a tree or two.

Each night we will roll them out and put them on display and for those that are to be decorated we will have an array of paints, glues, tinsel, fabric and wools available.  You can bring your own to supplement our supply. At the conclusion of each night we will roll them back into storage for safe keeping.

Here are a few pics of the wonderful Mens Shed blokes helping us out.  I took down muffins as a thank you, only to find they had homemade pizzas all prepared and ready to go into their pizza oven for lunch, what a wonderful example of comaraderie.

Thanks guys we appreciate your ongoing support.