Junior Neighbourhood Support

Pride, safety and community spirit

Junior Neighbourhood Support aims to promote a sense of pride, safety and community spirit, in children and in the wider school community.

The programme works in partnership with NZ Police, Fire, Civil Defence & Emergency Management, and local sponsors.

Junior Neighbourhood Support recognises primary and intermediate students who have assisted others or have done something that demonstrates community spirit and pride, or supports community safety.

Some of the activity areas are: bike safety, preventing bullying, school or street clean ups, reporting graffiti, awareness/assistance with fire/ police/civil defence services, getting their families to join Neighbourhood Support, helping a neighbour, etc.

Children performing any of these ‘safety activities’ can be nominated by school staff, families and members of the community for an achievement award.

It is intended that this programme will positively reinforce areas in the curriculum and existing school programmes and as such will be supported by schools, their staff and the community.

The programme supports the following curriculum key competences:

  • Relating to others
  • Managing self
  • Participating and contributing
  • Thinking
  • Using languages, symbols and text


To promote a sense of pride, safety and community spirit in children, their schools and their wider community.


  • To foster pride in students, their school, their home and their community
  • To increase awareness and involvement in Neighbourhood Support groups
  • To increase children’s knowledge of the functions, and roles, of key safety organisations in their community
  • To recognise positive initiatives, attitudes and behaviour
  • To assist in the prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour