Meet the Team

Meet the fantastic team of Connecting Communities Wairarapa.


Donna Howard

Wairarapa Area Commander NZ Police

Richard Dahlberg

Masterton District Council representative

Peter McNeur

Director of REAP: Chairperson

Tessa-Jane Dennes

Team Leader, Regional Public Health: Trustee

Andrea Jackson

Masterton District Council: Advisor to Trust


Gretchen Saulbrey

General Manager

Sandy Ryan

Team Leader Community Development 

Maria Bennett

Community Development focussing on Masterton East

Glenda Seville

Youth Development Coordinator

Judi Rendall

Strengthening Families Coordinator

Lynette Juno

Masterton Neighbourhood Support Coordinator

Mark Shepherd

South Wairarapa Neighbourhood Support Coordinator 

Donna Gray

Te Awhina Cameron House Coordinator

Cheneso Madembo

Financial Officer