Have you worked in a voluntary capacity before? If so, please give details
What appeals to you about this role?
What qualities or skills do you possess that you think will benefit the role you are applying for?
What do you hope to gain by volunteering for this role?
Please detail, if known, your availability e.g Time/s and Day/s that you may be able to commit as a volunteer.
If you are applying for SuperGrans can you tell us what skills you could offer, some suggestions below are:
Do you hold a current NZ drivers licence?
Do you have use of a registered and warranted vehicle should you need this for volunteering?
Do you have any health concerns that may affect you while volunteering?
Please provide relevant details
Safety Checks

The volunteer roles require you to work with vulnerable adults and children, you may visit family homes and be in a position where you will have access to children. Whilst you will not hold direct responsibility for children, Connecting Communities Wairarapa will apply the same standards of safety checks to volunteers that visit family homes, as required, under the Vulnerable Childrens Act 2014, for Children’s Workers.

This is a part of our commitment to safeguard the vulnerable adults, children and young people that our service comes into contact with. The information we will seek from you is proof of your identity, qualifications, references, Police check and information from your interview with the Coordinator.

The following questions address some of the information we will seek. You will be asked to provide evidence to support this information, prior to our confirmation of your role as a volunteer. Whilst this may be unfamiliar to you as a volunteer, we will support you to enable you to provide the information that is needed to complete our safety checks. We encourage you to ask any questions you have about the safety checks and tell us about any assistance you need from us.
Have you had a criminal conviction in the last seven years?
Please provide details
Do you have any criminal proceedings pending?
Please provide details
Have you ever been declared bankrupt or had a Company in which you were a Director, Trustee or designated official put into liquidation?
Please provide details
Connecting Communities Wairarapa require at a minimum of 2 referees. These can be previous employment (paid or volunteering) or personal referees.
The Privacy Act 1993 requires us to tell you that:
  • All personal information you share with Connecting Communities Wairarapa will be held by Connecting Communities Wairarapa and dealt with according to the Privacy Act 1993. Your records will be kept securely.
  • Your information will only be shared with agencies with your permission or if we are required by law to release that information.

Under the Privacy Act 1993, you have the right to ask to see all the information Connecting Communities Wairarapa holds about you and to ask us to correct that information if necessary.

By checking the box below you state that you agree to the above.