Connecting Communities Wairarapa

Community & Youth Development  |  Social Services


Connecting Communities Wairarapa is a community organisation that operates a range of community-led initiatives and social services focused on increasing the well-being of our people and our community.

By weaving together community development and social services, we are able to develop individual and practical initiatives that enable all our communities to thrive. Our collaborative approach means we can work together to achieve common goals that build strong resilient communities.

Development Team

Community Development |  Youth Development  |  Neighbourhood Support  |  School Holiday Programme

The Connecting Communities Development Team supports a range of community-led development activities, projects and events designed to bring our communities together; to better connect them, and to build capacity, strength, resilience and wellbeing.

The Development Team has a dedicated Youth Development Co-ordinator to ensure our local youth are engaged, heard and supported within our community.

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Social Services Team

Budgeting |  Life Skills  |  Strengthening Families

The Connecting Communities Social Services Team work closely with their clients to develop budgeting and everyday life skills through specially designed programmes from the Ministry of Social Development and Supergrans Aotearoa.

A team of dedicated volunteers are co-ordinated to work alongside each client to teach, guide, support and empower them.  The Social Services Team also connects clients with other community-based agencies according to their individual needs.

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If you would like to be part of our team of exceptional volunteers, or to refer yourself or someone else to receive our services, then please get in touch with any member of our Social Services Team, they would love to meet you!